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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

New Zealand: White supremacists
celebrate Adolf Hitler's Birthday

Members of the Southern Cross Hammerheads
From the AJN:
ROCK concert held by white supremacists in New Zealand to mark the anniversary of Hitler's birthday has received widespread condemnation.

The concert in Wellington featured Australian racial rock group Blood Red Eagle, who perform on stages adorned with Nazi swastikas and once played at a concert held by the Australia First party.

Held last Saturday night, the day after Hitler's actual birthday, the concert was organised by local skinhead group the Hammerskins, and the New Zealand chapter of Blood and Honour, a neo-Nazi group banned in some parts of Europe.

But while the event was labelled offensive by authorities, they said it didn't break any laws and were powerless to stop it proceeding.

Israel's honorary consul to New Zealand, former Jewish community council president David Zwartz, said the concert was "distasteful and offensive" and proof that white supremacists remained a persistent if small problem across the Tasman.

"I think that will just continue as long as there are some people who live with the obsessions that these people have, which are racist and hateful," he said.

The concert was to have been held at the clubhouse of the Satan's Slaves motorcycle group, but is understood to have been moved at the last minute after Kiwi media exposed the event.

New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres, said the concert was not illegal, even if it did offend most people's tastes.

"Mercifully, there aren't many people in New Zealand happy to celebrate Hitler's birthday," he told the Dominion Post.


BB: So the New Zealand Government leads the charge when there are accusations of injustice on behalf of the Palestinians, but when it is faced with homegrown unadulterated hatred, and vile antisemitism rears its ugly head in NZ they can do nothing?

AJN: New Zealand Hitler tribute 'offensive'
Fighting back at Racism: Fightdemback.com

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