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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The JIB's - Mr Bagel gets on the soap box

Mr Bagel gets on the sop box!

Consider voting for Mr Bagel.

Shalom Aaron

There is a voting menu on the top left hand side of Mr bagel's blog.


Sarah said...

cute illustration :)

good luck!

Sultan Knish said...

your blog represents a lot of hard work and effort and no matter who wins... it doesn't change all you've accomplished

Barbara said...

I gotta second the Sultan. This blog is so interesting. Since starting blogging 4 years ago I have slowly been teaching myself html, css and some other graphic programs. Its interesting!

My therapist told me this February to start spending more time on my personal blog (for years I wasn't allowed to really voice my thoughts or opinions) and find some happy medium with my anti-abuse site. She found JBlogs and told me to go for it

Since then I have found some great stuff - including your site. Your graphics are the best and I get a big chuckle out of Mr. Bagel. Even my kids like Mr. Bagel (the cartoon). You have a great sense of humor and style!

JIB or no JIB