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Thursday, 20 September 2007

The benefit of having friendly neighbours...

Why can't we just let Iran go about their business.. It's not like they would use their fast developing nuclear technology to develop Nuclear weapons, Iran is a peace loving country that means no harm to anybody.

Can't you remember the sit in love fest when the US embassy hostages hung around for 444 days? That was just a great big misunderstanding.

Iran would make such lovely nuclear neighbors, why can't they have nuclear weapons?

Its not like they have threatened to wipe out any particular country have they?....err

From AFP:

Iran warns it could bomb Israel if attacked

Iran has drawn up a plan that could see it bomb Israel if the Jewish state launched a military attack against the Islamic republic, the Fars news agency quoted a top air force commander as saying on Wednesday.

"We have come up with a plan that in the event of possible foolishness by this regime, Iranian bombers can carry out an attack in retaliation against Israeli soil," said deputy air force commander Mohammad Alavi.

"In addition to our missiles, whose range covers the whole soil of this regime, we can attack them with our fighter jets and respond to any attack -- an unlikely event -- with an air attack on their soil," he said.

"This plan is not an empty threat because everything we do is based on planning. So Israel should remove any foolishness from its head."