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Friday, 21 September 2007

Whoops? Reuters India shows exactly what the Sub Editor was thinking?

'Israel troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank'

Could it be the editor wrote the title correction and the typist typed it exactly??

Could it be that the usual clumsy language that is the result of cost cutting by Reuters has revealed a bias from within the organisation. Its hard to explain away this terrible use of the English language other than a transcriber has typed exactly what a editor has said.
Could it be the dialogue went something like this??

Don't use Shoot, say Kill its so much more effective when reporting on those dam Jews...

Israel troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank
click

NABLUS, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a member of the Islamist Hamas group during a raid on Wednesday in the occupied West Bank, local hospital staff said.

The Israeli army said troops shot a gunman on the second day of an operation against militants in al-Ein refugee camp in the city of Nablus.

Hospital staff named the dead man as Adeeb e-Sleem, 28, a Hamas activist in Nablus.

Family members said he had been unarmed and looking out of the window of his house at the time of the attack. They said e-Sleem had been disabled during a 2001 Israeli air strike in Nablus.

Mr Bagel: Would you really expect a Palestinian family of a militant to say otherwise? Does this not show a degree of stupidity on the Journalist behalf to even ask such a question?? Is it just a co -incidence that an Israeli soldier just happened to be shot in the same area!
Or is it more likely that
Adeeb e-Sleem's time had come this time, when he was spotted by an Israeli snipper with a weapon in his hands 'just looking out a window'...

On Tuesday, an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian militant were killed in fighting in the same area.

E-Sleem was the fifth Palestinian to be killed in clashes in the West Bank in the past four days. Israel has said all the dead were gunmen.

Israel Troops say kill Palestinian in West Bank


Beaman said...

Good job Israel doesn't have a competent cricket team otherwise the Indian press would have a riot. ;)

boat said...

I should not even bother to comment about your Reuters piece Mr. Bagel, because it is obvious you have no clue how a news wire works. But I have to fire back about your prejudice against Indians. Oh Beaman, you too. To think Indians write lousy English, when they have been topping literary awards the world over, is racist. And to think it has to be an Indian if it's poor English, when the story is datelined West Bank, is sheer ignorance and stupidity. Good Lord we have to suffer you fools.

Mr Bagel said...

How very interesting you play the racist card Boat, its nothing about racism.

Its to do with Reuters centralizing their editorial process, and the cost cutting being reflected in their current standard of journalism.

By accusing Reuters of cost cutting I do not infer that there are not Indians more than capable of using English in its correct form, in fact I suspect there might just be a disproportionate number of Indians who are both versed in English and a multitude of other languages.

The sad fact is Reuters has centralised their editing and copy writing, whilst employing people with low standards of literacy.(in English at least)

I don't care were they live, in fact I would bring exactly the same criticism to such 'professionals' if they were born in England.

Any reporter/writer who has trouble forming a sentence in English should not be reporting in English, no matter where they live.

If I conversed in Hindi or one of the other 17 major languages used in India, I would feel the same if the writer couldn't express themselves clearly in Hindi.

So sorry to disappoint you, play your racist card at a table that accepts your currency because I certainly don't.

As for suffering fools, your willingness to leap to conclusions, I suspect makes you a perfect candidate for working at Reuters.

Beaman said...

I echo Mr Bagel's sentiments.

I'm very fond of Indians and one happens to be someone I love. Boat, you need to take things less seriously. The racist card is much overused I'm afraid.