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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Could the release of the 'al Dura' video tapes lead to Criminal prosecutions at France 2?

With the pending release of the 'al Dura' video tapes, which will show the entire raw footage of the captured scenes at the crossroads, I would like to put forward the hypothesis that it is possible that a party or parties could be held accountable for the resultant violence and murders which followed this out break of violence.

This is based on a speculative observation that the editing of the video footage and the narrative expressed by France 2's media representative in Israel, Charles Enderlin was found to have been grossly misrepresentive of the events as shown on the footage.

Charles Enderlin in my opinion showed little hesitation in pointing to the IDF as the culprit of the shootings. This is despite a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. There was much evidence and opinion to the contrary. You must ask yourself how could Charles Enderlin have reach such a clear conclusion so soon after the event with so little clear supportive evidence.

The questions I would like to raise are:

Charles Enderlin's voiced over narrative clearly identified the IDF as being responsible for this shooting.

The editing and sound track of the video was manipulated in such a way to clearly lead the viewer to the belief that the IDF was responsible beyond 'doubt'.

The video shown which was enthusiastically 'offered at no cost' to all the major networks, its showing around the world was in my opinion a major cause of incitement amongst Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in general to violence. It also was a major turning point in the swing of public opinion against Israel.

Is it feasible that a court could decide that the editing of this footage was beyond mischievous and actually grossly negligent?

Should news organizations and their associates be held responsible for actions that seem to incite violence?

If the footage was actually a 'fabrication', could the camera operator, editor and management at France 2 be charged with accessory to murder? Damages? Incitement to violence?

One thinks we haven't seen the end of the 'al Dura' affair.

I would be interested to hear what other people think?

The web site Second Draft has a great deal of information on this event.

I recommend any one with interest visit the web site Second Draft.

France-2 to hand over al-Dura video

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion expressed with no malice toward any individual party. Mr Bagel isn't qualified to offer legal opinion. The article is speculative and simply an exploration of some possible outcomes upon the release of the 'al Dura' tapes.

In Plainer English: Screw you France 2 you cant stop people expressing their opinions.

Further reading:
Palestine Facts: Who caused the televised death of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura?


Soccer Dad said...

I wish more people were aware of the graphic you posted. It was available at the MFA website (I think) within a week of incident. Clearly:
1) The Israeli soldiers couldn't have known that the Al-Duras were there, as there were Palestinian shooters in front of and behind the Al-Duras.
2) Given the angles it would have been nearly impossible for the Israelis to hit the Al-Duras. It appears that the only position that had a clear shot at them was the Palestinian position behind them. (The barrels would have blocked the Palestinian position in front of them.)
So why did everyone take Enderlin's word?

Anat said...

Mr Bagel,

Whether or not the footage was staged, it is now clear that Enderlin had no grounds for alledging what he did.

Even if initially he could not know the resulting incitement to murder, he certainly knew it after the first terror attack justified by the Palis as a response to al-Durah. And since he nevertheless stuck to his original groundless accusations, from that moment onwards he may perhaps be seen as accessory to any subsequent murder justified as response to al-Durah picture.

I wish some legal body took this up, since I'm merely an amateur.