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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hijack Scare:
6 Syrians Arrested on Cuban Flight

Copa Airlines Jet [File]

Panama arrests Syrians on Cuba flight
Panamanian police arrested seven people, mostly Syrians, reported to have been acting suspiciously on a Copa Airlines plane from Cuba, but civil aviation authorities said the incident was not a hijacking.

Passengers on Copa flight 231 from Havana to Panama City on Tuesday feared the suspects were going to storm the cockpit armed with cutlery and told the crew, who alerted the Panamanian airport shortly before landing.

"This happened after flight personnel checked the metal utensils in the first class section and noticed that some were missing," the civil aviation authority said.

"We want to deny that this was an attempted hijack."

The six Syrians and one Cuban were detained at Panama City's Tocumen airport.

"None of these people committed a violent act against the crew or passengers but they behaved suspiciously and tried to approach the cabin," Rolando Mirones, head of the national police, told a radio station.

Police surrounded the plane on the tarmac at the capital's Tocumen airport and one man was led out of the terminal building in handcuffs.

The Syrians were on their way to Haiti via Panama. Copa is headquartered in Panama.

Mr Bagel: Could this have been a 'test' or dry run. Whilst there's no doubt that security has been massively increased on flights within the US, could there be a plot being planned incorporating close by neighbor's air flights.

Obviously the element of surprise is gone if you were to hijack a aircraft from a European or Asian flight path and head towards the US. What about if you were to hijack a aircraft that was flying close by to the United States on a scheduled flight and this was hijacked. The element of surprise would indeed be available.

Could the next terrorist attack come from aircraft with scheduled flights from the Caribbean or South America?

Is there really any doubt what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meant when he recognised that the US had overwhelming military superiority, yet Iran had a few surprises of its own if the US was to attack.


Anonymous said...

This isn't related to this topic, but it's a story you might want to follow on your blog. I found it very disturbing.

Students participated in a school activity at a Bangkok school dressing like Nazis and parading, singing and dancing. You really do have to see it to believe it.


After reading this, you can delete this comment.

Mr Bagel said...

Much appreciated!

Unbelievable bad taste:
Bangkok School has a Nazi concert

Mr Bagel