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Friday, 28 September 2007

Unbelievable bad taste:
Bangkok School has a Nazi concert

Nazi Swastikas, and uniforms reminiscent of the Brown shirts.

Unbelievable, when I first came across these Photos (hat tip to one of my readers) , I so wanted to believe that it was simply a 'cultural mistranslation' of the Buddhist Svastikah [Good Fortune] symbol being used as an icon with military style uniforms.

Unfortunately this is not the case. It would seem in an astonishing lack of cultural awareness and sensitivity a Bangkok Based TEFL school has allowed its students to dress up in mock Nazi uniforms complete with a Nazi raised stage and gun wielding Nazi Storm Troopers.

Now the irony here is that it was only just a few months ago that a Swiss man, 57-year-old Oliver Rudolf Jufer received a harsh 10 year sentence for daring to paint graffiti over images of the Thai king.

Yes thats 10 years, the original sentence was 20 years but it was commuted to 10 years due to the accused pleading guilty to five counts of Lese Majeste. Oliver Jufer's case brings focus on the strict lese majeste laws in Thailand that forbid criticism of the monarchy.

Below are images of the School event, with the Students proudly displaying Nazi symbols for all to see. Its a shock and makes you reflect the lack of cultural sensitivity shown to the millions of people including Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and political prisoners who suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis.

Now the Swastika in Asia doesn't carry the far right meaning that it does in Europe, but surely resorting to dressing up as Nazi's is just a little too culturally insensitive considering we live in the 'global village'?

This is one case of a school and its administration desperately needing some awareness education in exactly what the Nazi's and theirs symbols stood for. Any volunteers??

There seems to be a disturbing trend developing in some sub cultures in Asia of Nazi dress and symbols being 'cool'.

Here's some Photos from the "Fun day'.

More Brown shirts.

Reminiscent of the Nazi Brown shirts

Swastika's and guns .

Gestures, stances, and marching echoed the Nazi era.

Camp meets appalling bad taste.

Imagery very reminiscent of the Nazi Party was prominently featured.

Clearly Spelt out NA ZI

Just in case there was doubt that this 'concert' was
featuring the Nazi symbols.

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TripleJ said...

I taught in Bangkok recently. One of my colleagues, a Czech Rep female, was constantly harassed by her students after she tried to educate them on the Nazi phenomenon (she did this to help them better understand why swastikas and Nazi symbols are not fashion, but offensive, as many Thai students display swastika buttons on their bookbags, lapels and purses.) My colleague is not Jewish, but, of course, has had to live with the aftermath of the horrors of the Holocaust throughout her and her family's lives. The Thai staff at the school did not step in. In fact, they couldn't understand why this woman was so upset. As has been shown to the world over the past year or so, Thai reality is absurd at best. One gets to a point where you think you've seen it all, then up rises another insanity.

BagelUndertheCouch said...

do you think it would be ok if i taped my eyes back, 2 chicklets on my front teeth and danced around the royal palace singing, "we are siameeese, if you pleeeease"? honestly.

Anonymous said...

The school parade in Thailand used Nazis symbol showed ignorance and prejudism within Thai society. You thai should learn true history, not fake history that your educators are teaching you everyday.