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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Crocs all the rage on Yom Kippur

Could the color of your Crocs reveal more about yourself?

Crocs were the shoe of choice this Yom Kippur

Seems like Crocs were all the rage this Yom Kippur. With the prohibition on wearing leather shoes, the procession of sandshoes seems to have been come to a rather abrupt demise.

From all indications it would seem that Crocs known for their comfort were the shoe of choice.

I do wonder if the was any correlation between the plainer black Crocs seen at an orthodox shule and the explosion of bright colored Crocs seen in a more 'liberal' shule ? Could it be that some of the more liberal streams of Judaism were reflected in the choice of color of Croc chosen to be worn?

From this report by JTA it seems the trend may have been world wide:

Fast feet: Crocs rule on Yom Kippur,
but some fret they're too comfortable