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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Crematorium gets 'cremated'

A crematorium was set ablaze Wednesday night in the town of Hibat Zion in the center of the country. The site, which belongs to "Alei Shalechet", a civil burial company, is the first of its kind in Israel.

The crematorium has drawn fire from various religious bodies since its opening, due to the fact that cremation is strictly forbidden by halacha.

The site's location, which has been kept secret for fear of Haredi harassment, was publicized Wednesday in the Haredi Kol Ha'ir.

The police suspect arson and have initiated an investigation.

Army Radio quoted one of the crematorium's owners, Alon Nativ, as saying that he had warned police of a Haredi plan to set the site alight earlier in the week.

He also claimed that he had received threats to his life.

Zaka, which has long been crusading against the crematorium, was not displeased with the results of last night's arson. "I congratulate the person who did this," Maariv's web site quoted Zaka head Yehuda Meshi Zahav as saying.

"Although we are opposed to belligerent protestation we are still glad for the result," he added.

BagelBlogger: Whilst I certainly have some reservations with a crematorium operating in Israel, I'm also uncomfortable at the lawlessness some groups seem to display, when they object to issues such as this. Whats your take?

References: JPost: Controversial crematorium set ablaze


Lady-Light said...

That's appropriate, don't you think? Cremating a crematorium.
By the way, I blogroll you--why am I not listed on "Blogs that blogroll Bagel?"

Akiva said...

With a legislative process that locks out a major portion of the population, and a mindset that seems set on spitting in the face of that portion of the population, this is expected.

The rule of law is sometimes illegal, and culturally destructive. Chaos and anarchy do not work out well, but sitting back and letting yourself be trampled upon constantly doesn't work either.