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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Well just don't sit there go have a look!
JPix 4 is now Live

Mr Bagel would like to announce that JPix 4 is Up!
Read Which blogger has posted JPix4 ...

Lizard 2007

Chaim from Life of Rubin has done a stupendous job of JPix4.

I'm really starting to enjoy this photocarnival.
Its not just the great, varied and different photos that the different hosts post about each week, it is that with different people hosting the carnival, we get to see new Jewish bloggers, we might not come across.

I know I've been amazed at the quality of Jewish photoggraphic work out there on the web.
I'd like to congratulate Chaim for a job well done, pass on my awe for some of the amazing photos that Temunot shoots, and last but not least introduce you to the blogger who posts a different picture every day on her blog Tel Aviv Daily Photo, her name is Mandi.

Make sure you have a look.

JPix is looking for a hoster for JPix5 and beyond.

Dont foget to submit your photos for the upcoming JPix 5
which will be in about 2 weeks date to April 9.

For more info on the carnival check out: Here

or email: jpixcarnivalATgmailDOTcom

Apologies to GoGolan for miscrediting top photo to another blogger : [BB]
I realised too late.


marsha said...

Good to see you back..You were missed.

David Linn said...

Welcome back, gald you liked the pics. Thanks for starting up the carnival which was really the impetus for me to put up my blog.

Mr Bagel said...

Hey Hey: marsha, now there's a friendly face, thanks for dropping in marsha.

David Linn: Not a problem David, its really a pleasure to deal with such kind and thoughtful people such as yourself.