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Friday, 17 November 2006

A stolen Kiss or more amiss?

As some one that is not at present in Israel, it is with some concern I see so many of the Israel government's official representatives seemingly embroiled in either one scandal or another.

After reading a report in J Post on the ex Justice Minister Ramon's testimony and hearing of what appears to be impropriety on behalf of the investigation team in regards to a lot of its actions, I am starting to wonder. It seems the Israeli Police investigators have decided a certain course to take first then built the facts around that course.

Enough of my opinion, its certainly not qualified in any regards, but do read these two articles.

The first is a Jpost's report on Ramon's testimony, the second Jpost commentary on certain alarming decisions made by investigators.

1. JPost: Ramon claims accuser flirted with him

2. JPost: Comment: Ramon's tale of the kiss

As I said, I'm not in Israel, I don't know the parties involved, or for that matter other contributing subtleties.

Let me know what you think.

References and further reading:

JPost: Ramon claims accuser flirted with him
JPost: Comment: Ramon's tale of the kiss
Ynet: Ramon: Publish complainant's testimony against me

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