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Sunday, 19 November 2006

What's in a name? Palspeak 101

From the moment we are born, things get labeled. It's a boy, It's a girl. Very soon, we, as beings, are named. Through our formative years we told, good ,good, bad, yes,no. Our very beings are shaped with and by our reactions to the meanings and interpretations of words.

Language is all powerful. Ever since that leap in cognitive ability from monotonal ugh, which husbands are sometimes known to still use to the enriched variants of ugh ugh, people have communicated their thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

The utter complexity of communication and all its nuances both visual, kinestical and variants is beyond this post, but to be sure for each different way of subtlety communicating their is at least a 100 fold ways of mis interpreting.

This post is less about communicating and more about mis communication.

One of the fundamental basics of communication is that at least two people must have a universal understanding or a basis of common meaning.

From this we develop 'nuanced' meanings. These are meanings which superficially are not immediately apparent.

Our whole language contains 'nuanced' meaning, this meaning adapts and changes as fashions, life situations change.

Have your ever gone to use a word and then thought, mm that's not quite what I want to say? Well a lot of that is the 'nuances' that come with each word and with collections' of words.

George Orwell brought into common parlance the expression 'Newspeak', ' doublethink'. [REF]

I would would like to bring your attention to another form of speak. Its been around for many many years, but just lately it seems to have been picked up as the new Esperanto of the Anti Semitic world it's called ' Pal speak' it seems to have been heavily influenced by another relatively new arrival 'Hezspeak' and to a far lesser degree by PC speak.

Characteristics of 'Palspeak':

Double meaning

Triple intent

I present the developing dictionary of


I welcome additions, or editorial discussions on the nuances of certain words and their associations.

Palspeak: A Dictionary that is by its very definition, changing

The Palestinians have really been working the 'palspeak'


Activist: - A terrorist was a militant now they're an activist.

Americans: People who are big Satanists who support little Satanists

and 24 Civilian casualties: - If you are even within ear shot of a Israeli operation, you are able to claim 'shock' as an injury and therefore artificially inflate casualties.


Bomb: An incorrect term used to express the name of a gift given to Intellectually Challenged individuals utilized by Hamas.


Charity Center: - A Hamas Terrorist Operations room that is targeted by the IDF.

Civilian Casualties: -
[1] People who when encouraged to, are stupid enough to stand next to a Palestinian gunman firing at the IDF.

[2] Militants who have dropped their gun and now are masquerading as civilians

[3] Unknown categorization of casualty , hence forth as default referred to as a civilian

Casualty Breakdowns: When 51 out of 100 civilians are casualties they're mostly civilians.[even if there's is no acknowledgement of militant casualty figures, and the source that describes who is a militant and who is a civilian is questionable.[See Lebanon casualty break up].
-When there's 9 civilians and one IDF soldier casualties they are called Israel casualties including Defense forces.
-When there women who are obeying military orders and enabling the escape of Terrorists they are ' protesting civilians'

Cooking Accident: - If you receive horrific burns from an accident making explosives, say you did it cooking, don't forget to come back 12 months later to kill the Israeli doctors who saved you're life.

Crude Home Made Rockets: - [1] Rockets which don't nearly hurt as much when your dead.

[2] Tp Minimise the effect[in the media] on Israel's population, we call them Crude Home Made Rockets.


Denied access to needed Psychiatric services: - Suicide bomber intercepted before setting off Suicide bomb.




Geneva Convention: - An international convention on the treatment of civilians and armed forces, ostensibly used to protect military activities by the Palestinians, by continually breaking the convention,using it to shelter military actions, but quickly pointing out when Israel may have contravened the convention.

Greenhouses: A project sponsored by American Jewry where Palestinians are reclaiming large tracts of former lush green houses and turning them into deserts.


Homemade rockets: - see Crude Home Made Rockets

Honor Killing: - An unfathomable traditional law that mans that a Female Family member is murdered.

Hostage Negotiations: - More akin to ransom demands after kidnapping an Israeli

Held up in Mosque: - Instead of saying illegally using a religious structure to shelter from the IDF, you refer to it as Held up in Mosque. (Pinned down is acceptable)

Held up in Church: - See above, except defecate on floor and hostages can be killed


Injustice: Suicide bomber caught Before they set bomb off, unreasonably expected to serve jail sentence for attempt.

IOF: - Israel Occupation Forces. [Known in Israel as the IDF,] I personally love this one, straight away put the Jews in the 'bad' category then its a matter of just ' how bad'.

Israeli Military target: -Anything or anyone in Israel, especially buses and shopping centers.

Israeli Soldiers: - Jewish Civilians. All Jews over the age of 18 are military as they have done ' National Service' and therefore are either in the Army or just about to be called up.


Jewish Death: unimportant yet strived for eventuality


Kassams: - Palestinian Rockets which due to their absence of any real targeting system are used to reign terror upon Jews(and Arabs) living in Israel.



Martyr: -[1] Member of a Palestinian family clan who has actually been murdered by the clan feuds that prevail in the Palestinian Territories, then misrepresented as an IDF casualty.

[2] See Post Injustice.

Metal Workshop: - Kassam Rocket factory

Mosque: - A religious building used to store arms and hide militants.

Most were civilians:- When there is any doubt to the make up civilians to 'militants', Palspeak rule 101, is used.

If they're Palestinian they're civilians. If they're Israelis they're Soldiers




Peace Activists: - Often confused for Israelis, unfortunately the standard test of sticking a knife in to them seems to miss one rather minor important point.

Peace process: - The procedure Palestinians use to get more territory whilst conceding nothing.

Prisoners: - The term used to justify the kidnapping of Israeli Soldiers who were clearly in Israel and were clearly fulfilling defensive roles only. It is hoped by using this loaded word the World will see them as some how guilty.

Palestinian Moderate: - Any Palestinian who hasn't killed a Jew in the last 24 hours.

Peace talks: - Talks which Western Nations with little understanding for the real intentions of the Palestinians foist onto Israelis, they prove to be very advantageous to Arabs. They tend to provide a scope for getting our lost lands [See Settler] with no real commitment to peace. We generally make a temporary Hudna, until the ink on the treaty is dry and the Israelis have left, then we break the treaty by utilizing our 'un manageable' separate terrorist entities.

Protesting Women: -The use of human shields to stop Israel from keeping militants separated from civilians.



Recruitment Drive: Putting Pressure on Israeli authorities to release Prisoners so they can come back as suicide bombers.

Refugee Status: - The Status A Palestinian Uses to justify receiving payments from the United nations 60 years after they started a war and then lost it.

Right of Return: - A Palestinian political strategy to get leverage on the Israel - Palestinian question. No Jews who were forced or chose to leave Arab countries have been compensated in any way. Nor have they been offered a ' right of return'. Yet Israel is expected by Palestinians to welcome the very people who are fighting to destroy Israel with open arms.

Red Crescent Ambulance: - These are emergency vehicles which are used for transporting suicide bombs and Palestinian militants transporting patients which the 'IOF ruthlessly targets'.

Resident: -A militant who is busy trying to kill Jews, is referred to as a 'resident' of 'Blah Blah'.


Secondary Explosion: - Amazing Physical phenomena where a Targeted car, truck, building that wasn't being used to store bombs or munitions seems to keep exploding over a period of time.

Settler: - An Israeli who dares live in an area which is currently being targeted for absorption back into the Pre 1967 borders, when the Arab countries attacked Israel. If the Arabs had achieved their objective of driving the Jews into the sea, then the world would have never heard any more about it. But because they lost and forfeited terroritories due to their expansionistic and genocidal plans they now want that terroritory handed back to them.

Shahid: - Any one with the lack of Mental dexterity to actually doubt they will get 72 virgins when they blow themselves up into smithereens.


Unforeseen Domestic Accident: What happens when you store high explosives and munitions under your bed.

UN: - A rather ineffectual organization that is known to bring almost half its resolutions, sponsored by Arab countries, against Israel whilst simultaneously ignoring real countries experiencing genocide.

UN Resolution 1701: - A resolution created to bring about a ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel.


Violence towards Women: - See Normal Palestinian Marriage


Women Protestors: - If you're directed to march into battle to create confusion when Israel has successfully separated Militants from Civilians, make sure you're called this. Dying is permitted especially in crossfire situations where all deaths will be attributed to Israel Forces. Don't forget to bring extra clothing so militants can escape.

Work Accident: -When a Palestinian blows themselves and their family members up, it's an IAF attack until it comes out they were building bombs then its a ' work accident'. (usually only comes out due to factional arguments.)





Despite its traditional historical meaning this meaning has been subverted and now means any Jew who in any way thinks they have a right to live peacefully in the' State of Israel '.

More Definitions are welcome.


always fresh!

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