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Monday, 13 November 2006

British Muslim Convert jailed for forty years over massive terrorist plot

LONDON (Reuters) -
A man who plotted to blow up a tube train under the river Thames and carry out other attacks in Britain with gas-filled cars and a "dirty bomb"

was jailed for at least 40 years on Tuesday.
Dhiren Barot, 34, a Muslim convert, had also planned attacks on the New York Stock Exchange and the International Monetary Fund.
He was sentenced by a London court after pleading guilty last month to conspiracy to murder in a case sparked by the arrest of an al Qaeda figure in Pakistan.

"You are, Mr Barot, a determined and dedicated terrorist, a highly intelligent and extremely dangerous man,"
the judge said as he handed down the sentence.

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"This conspiracy was designed to strike at the very heart of democracy and the security of the state."
Barot, who visited Pakistan in early 2004, had submitted the plans for approval by "your al Qaeda overlords", the judge said.
"Your plans were to bring indiscriminate carnage and butchery, first in Washington, New York and Newark and thereafter in the United Kingdom on a colossal and unprecedented scale."
Barot was accused of plotting to blow up the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange, Citigroup, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and Prudential in New York, Washington and Newark, New Jersey.
But for the attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001, the judge said he had little doubt that one or more of these plans -- presented like "business proposals" and saved on computer files -- would have become a "dreadful reality".
After 9/11, Barot switched his attention to attacks on Britain centring on the "Gas Limos Project", a scheme to blow up three limousines packed with gas cylinders in car parks underneath major buildings.

Prosecutors said he carried out reconnaissance on leading London hotels and three railway stations.
Evidence against him included copious research his group had conducted into explosives, chemicals, radioactive materials and the construction of buildings, focussing on their ability to withstand fire.
A written proposal for a "dirty bomb" project appeared based on an incident in France when a truck carrying 900 smoke detectors caused a fire. The blaze sparked fears that people nearby could suffer exposure from small amounts of radioactive materials contained in the detectors.
"If something so small and simple such as 900 burning smoke detectors could cause so much havoc, then by increasing the amount used the poss