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Friday, 17 November 2006

Describe your worst Nightmare?

Seems there's been some confusion, you normally travel economy,You're seating has been upgraded to first class.

You think this will be so much more relaxing.

Just as you lever back your recliner and settle to watch your favorite movie, there's a raucous kefuffle in the aisle some ones screaming I don't care that's what I want. This person walks promptly to your row and sits across the aisle next to you, turns left and sneers at you. Its then you hear the flight attendant say "can I get you anything Ms Campbell?

What do you do?

1. Go back to economy and beg to swap places with anyone in economy

2. Put on your headphones shut your eyes and pretend the seats vacant [for 14 hours]

3. Ask for an autograph

4. Wake up from a cold shiver and realize it was all just a terrible nightmare.

5. Other [Please describe]


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