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Thursday, 12 October 2006

2002 Bali Bombings - The fourth Anniversary

Today is the 4th anniversary of the 1st Bali Bombings.
[Shame on Indonesia that I have to say the 'first']

The Religion of Peace Strikes again

I have some pretty strong feelings about this event.

I'll save most of them for now, in respect to the 202 people who died and the thousands who suffered.

What I most have difficulty with is that this creep here: Abu Bakar Bashir served 2 years of an already unjustly short 2 and a half year sentence for helping plan the deaths of so many innocent people including 88 Australians.

The same country that has given the Australian woman Schapelle Corby 20 years for supposedly importing 'grass' into Bali, the same country that has given some very stupid young Australians foolish enough to be 'drug mules' the death sentence. [*]

The same country that offers sentence remission to Muslims only.

My respect for Indonesia as a country has vastly diminished , and even more for their corrupt Government, Justice system and Police force. I don't need to be politically correct, I don't need to heap praise on their police officials to get mediocre co - operation, Indonesia should be ashamed of its justice system, and even more ashamed of the kind of attention it allows to be bestowed apon terrorists.

What those Indonesian terrorist did in Bali was an outrage and any civil country would be deeply ashamed and Never allow the perpetrators to joke with their captors and Judges. Indonesia you have a lot to learn.

Enough, May the victims and their families find peace.

Abaleboosteh has written a remembrance site for the First Bali Bombing it is well worth a look.

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[*] : [I have little pity for 'Drug ' dealers and organisers but justice isn't served giving 'drug mules' death sentences. The Mr bigs who supplied the drugs just happen to escape]

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