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Sunday, 8 October 2006

Rabbis Cry Fowl on Ritual Use of Chickens

Israel - Rabbis Cry Fowl on Ritual Use of Chickens

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Israel - In this few days before Yom Kippur many Jews will perform the Kapparos ritual and will wave a soon-to-be slaughtered chicken around their heads. This ancient Jewish custom, has been around for generations. Recently however it has encountered opposition by animal welfare groups and even some rabbis.
Objections to the ritual killing of chickens come from animal welfare societies. Dozens of “Anonymous for Animal Rights” activists demonstrated at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv against this abuse of chickens. “Save lives and not a life for a life” and “Don’t add another sin to your crimes” were just some of the placards waved at the demonstration.
The demonstrators received a frosty reception from the vendors who threw water on them and asked them to disperse. An additional demonstration took place in Jerusalem.
Chedva Vanderbrook, a board member of the Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says, “Next to my house in Jerusalem there are chicken cages scattered around without water,’ she tells ‘The chickens are brought to the slaughter in cramped cages without water in the broiling sun. Half of them die on the way. No one thinks that these poor creatures deserve to live on the way to their death.
“Unfortunately I think that it will be very hard to eradicate this custom in the Ultra-Orthodox community” Vanderbrook pessimistically summarizes, “But I am appealing to traditional people who customarily perform Kapparot and am asking them to stop.


VOS IZ NEIAS: Israel - Rabbis Cry Fowl on Ritual Use of Chickens