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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Whoaa say what? Pizza in a Hut

For those that read my blog regular you will have known that I have only recently come back from Sydney ['the big smoke']. I live in a 1 horse, 2 head, 3 wife...town.[only joking..]

We live 400 kms from Sydney , Australia. We have little contact with other Jews where we live.[there isn't any] except for our local Doctor.


As regular readers would know, I'm converting to Judaism. We spent about 6 days in Sydney and during this time I was lucky enough to see the Synagogue and meet the Rabbi I hopefully will be converting with.

I went to my first Morning Service and it was very inspiring.

The Rabbi, Rebbetzin and Shule congregation were very welcoming, which was great as despite the Torah's writing on 'converts' I had heard it isn't always an uneventful passage.

Whilst we were in Sydney we visited a town called Bondi which has a large Jewish Population. We did the 'Kosher cafe' thing, looked in the Kosher supermarkets and visited the local Judaica Shop in Bondi called Gold's.

I felt like a child in a candy shop. I couldn't stop finding things I wanted to buy, unfortunately my bank manager disagrees with this so I had to settle for half a trunk load of Judaica rather than the entire car.

The poor lady who served me was very helpful, being just before Sukkot , the store was a hive of activity with people ordering their arbat haminim [four species].

We found some transliterate Artscroll Siddurs, both Week and Sabbath/holidays and lots of other books for my Wife, children and my self.

'Uncle Moshe' the childrens Jewish character got a work out and we listened to Uncle Moshe sing about Jewish holidays all the way back home.

Whilst we were in Bondi, we visited the Kosher supermarkets to get a feel of them. In one called Starkys, whose catch cry is 'If it's in Starkys it's Kosher' I scanned the shop counter looking for 'freebies' fridge magnets, brochures any thing Jewish we could read on our return.

As I walked past the counter I almost broke my neck, I couldn't help but whip round as I saw a Brochure for 'Pizza Hut'. I couldn't believe in. It was titled 'Sukkot Family Celebration' and there was a 'Pizza hut'.

Now I know in Israel there are Kosher McDonalds, but here in Australia I feel very confident in stating that there isn't any Kosher Pizza Huts and Kosher McDonalds.

I'm thinking are they going to kasher the whole restaurant? All the ovens, trays, benches, posts, pans, .... of course not.

So what, how?

I read the pamphlet closer.

Seems some one has made a play on 'Pizza in the Hut' for Sukkot.

It sounds like it would have been great. It was organised by Chabad house in North Sydney.

Looks like I ended up with Pizza on my face! oh Well as long as Ronald McDonald wasn't saying Mazal Tov at a Birthday party.

BTW If anyone from Sydney went on Monday night to this 'Pizza in a Hut' please let me know how it was, it sounded like the kids would have loved it.

We had to return to our one horse, two head, three wife town...

Maybe we will escape again before we move next year to Sydney.



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