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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

US Will not Restrain Israeli Attack on Gaza

The firing of Qassams from Gaza towards Israel has been a never ending rain of steel, whole communities are living on the edge never knowing when they could die.

The time has come.

(IsraelNN.com) As the government weighs its response to the increase in Kassam attacks from Gaza, the US, through its ambassador to Israel, has stated that it will not restrain Israel from carrying out attacks in Gaza.

The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack in Northern Gaza on Monday, destroying a load of rockets being delivered to terrorist cells. Under the cease-fire agreement that Israel is unilaterally adhering to, it may only attack in Gaza to prevent an immanent threat.

In the attack, the terrorists themselves succeeded in escaping, but an Arab bystander was injured.

BB: Get ready for the howls of Protest, for months the Palestinians have been firing Qassam after Qassam after Qassam and there has been little in the way of world protests, now their going to face the consequences of not stopping the terrorist attacks, and all of a sudden the pleas and hysterics will begin. For months Fatah and Hamas have done nothing in the way of policing Gaza and preventing the firing of hundreds of missiles into Israel, in fact Hamas has actively been involved in supplying the rockets. The time has come.

Arutz Sheva: US willl not restrain Israeli attack on Gaza