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Friday, 11 May 2007

JPix Carnival No 7is Live
Go check it out at Temunot

Fire in the Sky

JPix 7 is UP
David fron Temunot has done an amazingly thorough job.
I must say I'm impressed with just how good a Job David has done.

Its a Huge edition make sure you check it out. JPix 7

What pleases me is that the JBlogosphere has actually really stepped up and offered to host carnivals.
Its tough being the organiser of this JPix Carnival.
With , Me-ander hosting JPix 3: Pt 1 & Pt 2, Chaim hosting Jpix 4 and Baleboosteh doing, JPix6 (after doing JPix 5) David from Termunot put up his hand to do this fortnights JPix7 and Rafi is doing Jpix 8, [Submit]

Mottel has declared his interest, so he is doing JPix9.

That's why JPIX is really making leaps and bounds, every one participates, it doesn't matter if your not a web guru, it doesn't matter if you present it a little different, change is good.
Just make sure you do have a go with JPix, its both fun and entertaining!

If you need a reason to do it, think about your ranking, if your a member of TTLB, the chances are you will end up going up a level just by doing this carnival!

But the best thing is you've got a captive audience guaranteed!
J-Pix Carnival No. 7 is Live!!