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Monday, 7 May 2007

A Big Welcome to JBlogs newest Blog

When I saw the Newest JBlog 'Sports Yids' appear at the top of JBlog central, I have to be honest with you, the thought did cross my mind that it might just be the second smallest JBlog of all time.

Playing on the Pun Of Jewish Sporting Super Stars. (Yes I am aware that Jews actually are quite well represented on a pro rate population basis, but thats a point aside.)

What shocked me even further was after clicking on the latest blog added it actually was empty! Its a cruel joke!! seems the RSS feed can take up to 24 hours to come in.

I chased down the address of SportsYids and it seems that it is this blog address: SportsYids
It seems like a great idea, I hope the posting becomes even more regular.
The introduction to this blog is here: Welcome

I look forward to seeing this newest addition.

If I may say, I'd also like to thank David from Israel Forum for the fantastic Job he does with this aggregator. His Job is a thankless task, he never gets any credit, is accused continuously of 'conspiracies', the latest being something about because he doesn't have advertising, he must be up to something sinister, seems a few left wing loonies think Israel Forum is here to corrupt our innocent minds, kind of makes you think you're back at Junior School.

The irony is he has previously been accused of a grand master plan of 'stealing peoples content and making a million dollars, well I'm pretty sure this forum isn't generating a million dollars, it might be generating a million loony conspiracy plans by our loony friends but I do detect a rather sparse presence of Advertising.

Got to love that:
JBlog Central is no good because it has advertising, - oh wait JBlog Central doesn't have advertising so it must be no good.
I know there are a few people who disagree with my sentiments, but for me personally its my favorite website, and my point of contact to the Jewish Blogging World, and without it, the Jblogosphere would be rather duller.

Once again David, you have done a fantastic job thank you.

BTW: To appease your critics David may I recommend you offer one roll of free aluminium foil to members, never know when a few of them might need a new hat.

1 Comment:

David said...

Dude, you're the best.

I see about 400 blogs pass by JBlog Central every day, and yours is one of the few I visit every day, and often several times a day.

It always brings a smile to my face with beautiful artwork, great content, both personal and pro-Israel advocacy, interesting articles, contests, cartoons, and humor. It's everything a great blog should be!

Plus -- You and Dan are real friends to me and to everyone who extends the same to you.

Just wanted to say thank you.

And the tin foil is a great idea :)