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Monday, 7 May 2007

16 More Reasons to visit Mr Bagel:
Meet Mr Bagel's Blogs

The vast majority of content in the Mr Bagel Blog stable doesn't hit the "aggregators". It will one day once I've combined all the feeds and produced one mega feed, but at the moment most aggregators only see changes on Mr Bagel.

The rest of the Mr Bagel Blogs and there's a few just quietly don't as yet feed into aggregators.
So when you're looking at your favorite aggregate list, and you see Mr Bagel hasn't up dated in a while, well you almost certainly are not seeing the real story.

Whilst you're here please do check out all of the Mr Bagel stable, including the New Jokes section, (taking submissions) and the soon to be opened Mr Bagel Free, if you know of good offers, that other Jews would be interested in then please let me know via email.

Why 16 different sections? In an effort to decrease page sizes, and give permanent addresses to some of my sections, I have created these sub sections to improve the experience of visitors.

Please forgive the odd unfinished section, there's a lot of Blog Building going on.