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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Israel critic retained by
Australian Labor Party

Israel critic retained by Labor Party

from the AJN

ONE of Federal Parliament's most scathing critics of Israel and the Jewish community has avoided being dumped by the Labor Party. [Australia's Center Left wing party]

Julia Irwin, the member for the federal seat of Fowler, received an 11th-hour reprieve on Saturday morning when former ALP national president Warren Mundine withdrew his candidacy for preselection against her.

The ALP national executive fast-tracked several high-profile candidates into key NSW seats ahead of this year's federal election, following a decision at its national conference last weekend.

Irwin was widely expected to be dumped by the party in favour of Mundine, but the Aboriginal activist withdrew his candidacy on Saturday morning, giving Irwin an opportunity to extend her nine-year career in the capital.

A member of the Labor left, Irwin has used her decade in parliament to launch a series of vitriolic attacks on Israeli policies and the Australian Jewish community.

In 2002, she read to the house an email that described the Jewish lobby as “the most implacable, arrogant, cruel and powerful lobby in the country”.
The following year, she was accused of breaking parliament’s longstanding bipartisan support for Israel when she led a team of renegade Labor MPs calling for UN intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

BB: Unfortunately, it would seem the ALP national executive's failure to replace Julia Irwin does not bode well for the Jewish community.

Julia compared Israels withdrawal from Gaza an organised conspiracy to create 'a Ghetto, she continually makes comparisons between the Palestinians and the Jews at the hands of the Nazi's. In fact in Australian Politics there are few Politicians that could be considered less supportive of Israel than Julia Irwin.

AJN: Israel Critic retained by Labour Party

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