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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Happy Brithday Theodor Herzl (1860)

Theodor Herzl (1860)

Herzl was the founder of modern Zionism. A journalist, he was sent to Paris to report on the Dreyfus Affair and was appalled by the vicious anti-Semitism he observed. He decided that Jewish assimilation in Europe was impossible and that the only solution to the Jewish problem was the establishment of a Jewish national state. He expressed his ideas in his famous pamphlet, Der Judenstaat, and organized the first Zionist World Congress, serving as its first president. Where is he buried? More...
Today's Birthday provided by The Free Dictionary

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Mr Bagel

While you're checking out more about Theodor Herzl, may I bring you attention to the 'unknown' pages of Mr Bagel.

Most people would be rather surprised to realise that Mr Bagel is actually the combination of 19 blogs all interwoven into one large blog.

The links at the top menu go to a varied assortment of pages, most of them are now fully functional, a few are still being developed.

Mr Bagel originally had a top menu that went 'no where' as the extra sections hadn't been built now that they have, I invite you to check them all out.
A few of the sections are:
One of the reasons the blog has been broken up was that Mr Bagel couldn't face throwing out so many widgets, yet came to the realisation that over 100 widgets on a page, may be just be a few too many.

Mr Bagel has grown, he is continually being improved and any positive constructive ideas or criticism is welcome.

May I preface this with the following Observation: As Mr Bagel is my pet project, and not one of my clients, he is more likely to be a personal expression of my tastes, he may be a little 'rich' in multi media, he may be very unfriendly to dial up modems, but with 80% of the US Internet community on broadband now, Mr Bagel is focusing his attention on broadband users.

Browser incompatibility: I'm always interested in feedback from users of different browsers. Unfortunately the worlds best designed computer doesn't come with the world's best browser. If your using Safari and its crashing, this is such a prevalent problem, I suggest you contact Apple, and/or swap to the browser that I most prefer, and recommend you prefer too.