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Saturday, 29 July 2006

From Australia with Love

From Australia with Love.

If you ever wonder why sometimes Mr Bagel looks funny, well this is how my page looks down under in Australia.

In between furiously pedalling our generator to get enough electricity to drive our computer, I like to 'Surf the Web', although considering how far and remote I live its more like paddling the waterhole.

I live 400 kilometers from the nearest major town.
Living so remotely, I was trying to figure out how we could help Israel especially the I.D.F.

I came across PizzaIDF.com now I know its only a small contribution but I figure we owe the Soldiers of the I.D.F. big time.

Pizza IDF

This organisation was started in 2002 during Israel's Operation Defensive Shield. This military operation was designed to rid our area of terrorists following the bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya and the murder of thirty innocent people, many Holocaust survivors, who were sitting down to their Passover Seder meal.

Sending pizza to our soldiers provides them a much needed moral boost by demonstrating support from around the world and at the same time providing people outside of Israel with a way to express their solidarity with Israel and her soldiers. See some pictures of the pizzas being delivered.

I've created some buttons for people to use.

There's a low resolution picture and a medium resolution picture.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here is a link to the PIZZA IDF CODE for your side bar in your blog, its a worthy scheme and shows the soldiers we care.

If you can't tell the difference between the pictures then use the left low resolution picture, well use the low res picture, if you want people who have telephone internet to go to sleep later use the med resolution picture.

I've sent the code and pictures to PizzaIDF and I'm sure they'll organise to host the pictures.

In the mean time use the picture of my picture hosting if you don't have your own hosting but obviously check back at pizzaIDF for their address for the picture as I'm not to sure how many pictures my account will serve. I'm guessing a few people might get this blog 'button'.

Oh if you want to see the Blog button its right here on the right in my side bar.
[Its big because I want people to use it!]

Pizza IDF accepts credit cards and Paypal, apparently they will even let you mail in your payment, but I expect the Pizza might be a bit mouldy by the time the money comes.

The great thing is you get to leave a message that goes with the delivery, let then know how much you appreciate their bravery.

Click on the button and buy the soldiers a Pizza or put the button on your blog.

Or better do both!

Elders of zion or the Button!
P.S. Mr Bagel actually has real electricity, even thou he does live very remote. He has one of those big 2 way satellites that the IDF don't like, (most have seen the pictures) if you don't put the button in your blog, Bagel Blogger will point his Satellite at you and make you watch re runs of Elders of Zion in Arabic on al Jazeera for the rest of your life. Now as the Elders would say - the time has come!

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