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Friday, 25 August 2006

An Open letter to the Guardian. Is the Guardian a biased media outlet?

An open letter to the Guardian.

I was appalled by the printing of the cartoon by Martin Rowson [cartoonist] in the Guardian on the 19th of July, so much so, I was inspired to 'create' a cartoon that couldn't possibly be rejected if the Guardian is a balanced media outlet.

The original cartoon is featured here:

BagelBlogger - Fresh to your door

The 'recreated cartoon' is here:

BagelBlogger - Fresh to your door

For a much larger picture that still fits
in your web browser window click :

800 x 591 pixels 73k

Or Click on this small picture to see a large picture

You will notice that the cartoon is in essence the same cartoon. I have 'appropriated' it and are using it for criticism and satire. This use is legal, this is not considered to be a breach of copy right.

You will also note that it features the Crescent and star that is synonymous with the Muslim religion. It features exactly the same number of symbols as Martin Rowson's cartoon does of the Magen David . [Star of David]
It features two public figures which are currently very related to issues in the Middle East, you will note that I have created them with some stylistic changes to infer they are 'different'(as per original cartoon). The wasp has been replaced with a more passive looking 'fly'.

The victim remains the same, the hand remains as well.

The level of violence is very similar if not slightly less. The use of the crescent and star is somewhat confronting, certainly no more confronting than the use of the Magen David .

As Kofi Annan is a very public figure, I feel it is reasonable to voice a personal opinion about him in the Media.

The cartoon is very topical. I refuse to believe an editor could refuse this carton on topical merit.
It is both a critique of a recently submitted cartoon, and portrays a situation in Israel of increased attempted suicide bombings.

I ask that you publish this 'satirical response' to Martin Rowson's cartoon in a similarly prominent position in The Guardian.

I look forward to your answer.

Kind regards Aaron


[I request my details apart from my first name and my blog be withheld from publication. ]

N.B. : The cartoon has been created at 18.06cm by 13.34 cm at 200dpi.

This is certainly appropriate for Newspaper printing.

The Guardian, 19.7.06 The Middle East Crisis

This open letter was sent to The Guardian, and: Honestreporting.com, Jpost, Coxand Forkum, DaveBender, Camera.org,aim.org and JewishPress.com

'subshelp@guardian.co.uk'; 'backspinAThonestreporting.com'; 'editors AT jpost.com'; mailto:'Contact AT CoxAndForkum.com'; 'davebrianbender AT gmail.com'; 'letters@camera.org'; 'info@aim.org'; jmaoz@jewishpress.com

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