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Sunday, 23 July 2006

MUST SEE GAME Nasrallah takes a few too many blows and sees Rockets

Give it Back to Nasrallah!

This game is definitely a good stress relief
but it does have Strong depictions of violence.

Adults,Mature Ages 15+,
Please view with parental discretion
and prior to showing your children.

O.K. Shall we begin?

Go on, Say hello to the nice friendly Nasrallah
Here he is, your friend and mine Nasrallah the Rat.
Now once again this is definitely an older persons game,
it is funny, but the Ambulance certainly comes in handy.

[if you'd like to play the game rather than listen to me]
Click the Large picture or go HERE

Ok Lets see to start both gloves 1,2
arr 3,4 what the heck 5,6

Left glove now, pow!

and heres a double right!

and another left!

Hey was that a dodge?
Or are you just falling over?
Lets see POW!

Ok, so you need a few more reminders
why you should have stayed in Iran

Could say that was out of left field!
Now one for each katushya you've fired!

.......5 minutes later, umm time
for an Ambulance break.

OK time to work out a little lets use the Dumb bell,
oh and this weight here as well.
This isn't going to be pretty folks!

What the heck, one for each time you've hurt a Jew

Censored Pictures

To See what happens play the game HERE

Enjoy Mr Bagel

[Normally profound apologies for the violence but...]

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