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Sunday, 24 September 2006

the Divine Victory?

Ok, we're supposed to believe this is a divine victory. While it might be a divine victory I'm absolutely positive it wasn't a victory for Hezbollah.

You have to seriously question the gullibility of his followers. Follow me, I'll lead you to war, everything around you including all Hezbollah infrastructure will be utterly destroyed. Your sons and husband will die, your future will be ruined, I'll then declare a divine victory??

Hello any one actually looking around? Those mountains that serve as a majestic backdrop at the rally, there not mountains they're your former Hezbollah buildings? Why do fruit cakes standing on top of twenty metre high piles of rubble waving they're Hezbollah flags, make it a Hezbollah victory? I don't think Hezbollah was handing out $US 12,000, I think they've been handing out some of that Lebanese wacko tobacco.

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