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Sunday, 24 September 2006

the Divine Victory? [ii]

The Muslims say the sons of Pigs and Monkeys.

Well, I have to admit it seems Nasrallah has won. In the really ugly stakes.

This little man must be the first son of both a Pig and a Monkey

Ok, we're supposed to believe this is a divine victory. While it might be a divine victory I'm absolutely positive it wasn't a victory for Hezbollah.

If this was your divine victory Nasrallah then I wish you many more.

Its funny, you think standing on the piles of rubble 20 metres high waving their Hezbollah Flags, the view might be a bit better. look around people, its called devastation.

Or is Nasrallah calling it Landscaping??

Its all right Nasrallah gave us $12,000 of counterfeit money so we will live in counterfeit houses and be counterfeit happy in our counterfeit victory.

[END ]


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