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Sunday, 24 September 2006

the Divine Victory [iii]

I had to chuckle. Its not that I like laughing at peoples discomfort, but the three bodyguards that surrounded Nasrallah whilst he made his speech seemed to continuously be talking to them selves. Obviously they were rigged up with earpieces and microphones. I've never seen three guys so jumpy. I wonder if that rather large piece of glass in front of Nasrallah might be bullet proof?

Here's a hypothetical for you, you sell Life Insurance, Nasrallah rings and wants some.

Do you give him:

[a] A 1 Week policy

[b] A 1 month policy

[c] A 1 year policy

[d] None of the Above

[e] Tell him he has to return the signed policy by hand personally

[END ]


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