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Monday, 5 March 2007

World Exclusive! Amir Peretz was set up by the media! He was actually using the binoculars correctly!

Recently the Israeli Defense minister received unfair and unwarranted criticism for his methodology in using binoculars. Now it can be revealed on Bagelblogger in a World exclusive! that in fact Amir was using top secret stealth binoculars.

These are so secret, that the press, the public and even Amir himself didn't know they were in use.

Bagelblogger has obtained some secret field video of Amir using these binoculars, at first what appears to be an incompetent, bumbling fool for a defense minister is quickly shown to be a gross over estimation of his abilities.

These binoculars were specially designed to lull the enemy into thinking Israel's Defense minister was a combination of incompetent, Inattentive, and totally unaware. It would seem the trials were a resounding success.

In doing this, the strategy is they shall underestimate Israel and therefore when the next surprise attack comes from our enemy, (which really isn't a surprise) we shall be ready and armed with sufficient plausible political excuses as to why we didn't see it coming.

This is the Press shot that was shown around the world.

This was taken at a large scale exercise in the Golan Heights
with the new Chief Of Staff Ashkenazi.

At first glance the covers of the binoculars appear to have been left on. In actually fact they are of a special low density carbon kevlar fibre enabling the viewer to see the action exceptionaly well.

These are top secret limited edition, advanced technology, morph and light adjusting binoculars, they are especially designed to see far into the horizon for the direction of developments of political and military events.

They were used by Olmert and Dan Halutz on previous occasions, and covertly enabled Israel to predict with absolute accuracy Hezbollah's previous attack to within a century.

I was privileged to use these advanced binoculars, and
I can assure you they do indeed help you see far into the horizon.

Whilst using them I experienced a vision of the future horizon where Israel was lead by fearless leaders not afraid of making hard decisions. Fortunately Olmert and Peretz were no where to be seen.

Here are the stealth Binoculars in use by Peretz

Here Peretz demonstrates the ease of which
these advanced binoculars make him look incompetent.

Artwork by Bagelblogger: This article is Satire

ThanksBagelblogger - Always Fresh!
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