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Thursday, 8 March 2007

They're Coming! The 2007 JIB Awards are beginning shortly.

The 2007 JIB Awards are soon to start, make sure you check out the new Web site at JibAwards.com The Work group has been burning the midnight oil and is working hard towards accomplishing this task. Its important to realise that this years 2007 JIB Awards are a new initiative by small group of dedicated JBloggers.

All the work has been voluntary.

This year's awards are being run by a committee of JBloggers, and with the
approval of the founder of the JIBs, Dave of IsraellyCool

Make sure you stop by JibAwards.Com
We hope you'll participate. Please let all your favorite JBloggers know!
For the Press and Media, here's a Press Release.

Feel free to pass the press release on to any local Jewish media outlets you know of.

Nominations are scheduled to open right after Pesach (Passover), running April 12 - April 19.

For the rest of the schedule and awards, please go to the website.

The New 2007 JIB Award badges will be able to be previewed tomorrow.

Check them out in the Graphics Section.

The Third annual 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards

Regards the JIB Awards Workgroup

Bagelblogger Always Fresh!
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