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Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Blue Jew Yorker

Untitled from the series: Evening Poetry Walk

Thousands of email spams later and what do I have to show?

One decent email.

A new online Poetry Journal called

The Blue Jew Yorker

Its their first edition, not a bad show for a first!

Full Frontal Judaism

To lift up these hills which mutilate
my face like swollen lumps
this plastic surgery of exile
contorting my cheekbones with the bloating, bulging
of a victim’s cry, you see this hunchback
is but a table which got stuck under my shirt while
I was trying to hide under its scared surfaces

Adam Shechter

Any way check them out, be bold
and submit something for their Second Edition.


Apologies to the Poet for providing only an extract...

ThanksBagelblogger - Always Fresh!
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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...



Will not this shadow ever fall
Against tear-streaked Western Wall?
Who knows, who knows, I cannot tell,
In hope I live for Yisroel.
Pidyon shevoyim, no greater cause,
Such love breaks down the highest walls.
Oh, happy stars, set free to roam;
Jerusalem, I long for home!

Edwin Yosef Vogt