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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Haman's Back

History repeats itself?

If you haven't checked out these great posts then do it:

Purim Satire: Neturei Karta; Smoking Mahmoud's Peace Pipe

A geat satire piece based around Purim by Sultan Knish .
Neturei Karta Pay Visit to Sushan in Support of Haman HaRasha
"We are here to proclaim that we absolutely reject the Zionists like Mordechai who claim to speak for the Jewish people," said Rabbi Dovid Weiss. "Haman is not an Anti-Semite, this is a lie. Haman did not want to kill all the Jews, he only wanted to kill the Zionists and we support him in this. While Zionists like Mordechai and Ezra are working to rebuild Israel and displace and persecute the native Samaritan and Idumean peoples, we Torah-true Jews reject this and stand with Haman and the Amalekite peoples in utter opposition to Zionism."
Sultan Knish
Apparently there's no real comparison...

In an contrasting view point I have very little in agreement with try:

with an interesting alternative viewpoint on Iranian Jewry: Jewish Iran 101

"I’m willing to lay odds that this Purim there will be a fair share of Jewish commentators claiming that history is repeating itself in Shushan - that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the contemporary Haman come back to life to once again threaten the Jewish people with genocide."

Rabbi Brant Rosen
About Purim...

Debbie Schlussel has a take on Purim in her post
Happy Purim: Story Celebrating Defeat of Ancient Ahmadinejad Resonates Today

"The holiday celebrates courageous Jewish heroes Esther and Mordechai, who risked their lives to save the Jewish people during the time of King Xerxes. It's a very cool, true story. And it has special significance for today, because it occured in the land of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran. In those days the King was going to destroy the Jews (at the behest of his anti-Semitic advisor who spewed the same hate as Ahmadinejad), yet we survived. And we will survive similar calls, today, for our destruction by Ahmadinejad."
Debbie Schlussel
Some comparisons...

For a good round up of the Historical similarites between Haman and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
go no further than the New Jersey Standard, with Rabbi Avi Shafan's 2006 article

"Like the Persian royal adviser Haman, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reeks with his own considerable animus for Jews, having not only endorsed the destruction of the Jewish state but called into question the murder of 6 million Jews not 70 years ago."

Rabbi Avi Shafan
Fruit Cake Award...

Oh and the award for the most bizarre twist on the Purim theme
goes to Pillow case wearer ,ex Klansman , receiver of a Doctorate of Pathetic - ism at the discredited Ukraine University MAUP and all round fruitcake David Duke.

[Read more: daviddukeDOTcom/general/david-duke-achieves-doctorate-in-ukraine_394.html]

His article, which I'm very tempted to make you search for...
Extremist Jews Seek New Purim Massacre in Iran

which is at: daviddukeDOTcom/general/1831_1831.html

This year at the time of Purim, the world needs to know and understand the Jewish extremist hatred that leads us to a horrific war against Iran. We hear constantly about the threat of Muslim extremism. When will we hear about the far greater threat of Jewish extremism that leads the world to Armageddon in Iran. Unless we prevent this act of Jewish hatred and murder, not only will the Iranians terribly suffer, but so will Americans and people all over the world.

David Duke

And after typing that name I need to wash my hands and laugh a little with Dry Bones:

[Re: drybonesblog Purim Joke Fri March 2 2007