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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Hunting Eric Hunt: NeoNazi writes Hoax StarBucks letter..and Just Happens to have the attacker Eric Hunt pen a letter on his 'site' ?

The masthead of Ziopedia has been altered slightly to
more truely reflect the type of idiots that go to this site.

How desperate can a Racist get?

It seems Andrew Winkler will do anything to boost traffic to his Failing Flop ZioPedia.

Its bad enough that he has to break the law and pretend to be some one else, (He is the self confessed writer of theStarbucks letter, the author was made out to be Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz ) now his resorted to 'fiddling the books', and trying to convince his rather stupid followers that there might be thousands on line right now.

He is also the self confessed writer of the Hoax Starbucks Coffee Letter.

In this letter which has been proven to be based on a fallacy, Andrew Winkler fraudently pretending to be Howard Schultz.

This is the letter to see a full size copy click on the picture.

Andrew just seems to not be able to keep his mouth shut.

In a rambling diatribe that appears on his website Ziopedia.org

From the Editor Andrew Winkler: The Howard Schultz spoof letter above has caused quite a bit of a stir. In the first month of its pubication, it has been read by more than 100,000 visitors on the ZioPedia site alone, and republished on hundreds of blogs all over the world. Some readers were not quite sure whether the article was 'kosher' or not. Well, it is and it isn't. Howard Schultz never wrote that letter, I did. However, all the statements I made in that letter about donations, sponsorships, political views etc. - are based on factual Howard Schultz actions and quotes, as 1/2 hour of 'Googling' will easily confirm to anyone interested. ..

Andrew Winkler
ZioPedia - A Rebel Media Group Project]


Now I'm not saying that this two bit wanna be might not be getting more traffic than he has ever got before,(which wouldn't be hard) due to the mysterious Eric Hunt who just happened to write his self confession on Andrew Winklers Website. Are you getting any theme here? Any pattern?

Oh did I tell you that Andrew has a habit of pretending to be people he's not?

He regularly pops up in Left Forums posing intially innocuous questions that he quickly strokes in the direction of hatred.

Andrew Winkler: Is a Neo Nazi who likes lurking in left forums as a 'radical' throwing up questions like:

"Questioning the moral base of the Jewish state" on Open Democracy. He is also the overseer of the vast

Ziopedia. More about the Vastness of Ziopedia later.

It's interesting for a website that has 5958 people on it at one moment,(see snap of traffic above right) why does it have a page rank lower than most blogs? Most small to average websites have a Pageranking of 4 - 5, larger ones are 6 and above going all the way up to 10. [Bagelblogger has just got a PR of 5 recently, and I'm not about to retire!]

Yet despite all the 'extra' traffic that Andrew informs us about, his Ziopedia.org gets ranked a lowly three?

Yes People hold the doors open there's a huge rush of traffic
Ziopedia is Google Page Ranking a 3

I've seen blogs that haven't posted in a year get a page ranking of 3!

For more information on Google Page ranking check out here: Google Page Ranking
To Check out the Page rank of a website or blog go here: Blogflux Pange Rank checking

ZioPedia: Copy of Starbucks letter with admission

This is one of a series on Hunting Eric Hunt, I've got a very strong lead who this Eric Hunt might be and I shall be exploring it further. Bagelblogger

Bagelblogger Always Fresh!
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