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Monday, 13 August 2007

Outrageous claims by Iranian Defense Minister:
US behind terrorism in Iraq

The FARS News agency in Iran has made claims that the US is secretly supporting cetain terrorist groups in staging bomb blasts in Iraq.

Iran: Terrorist Blasts in Iraq Led by US

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said here on Sunday that the US is secretly supporting certain terrorist groups in staging bomb blasts in Iraq.

Addressing a monthly meeting of the defense diplomacy committee of the Defense Ministry, the General dismissed the US president's recent accusations that Iran smuggles arms to Iraq, and stressed that Bush is projecting the blame on others.

"Our information shows that the Untied States secretly supports terrorist groups in Iraq and manages explosions in that country, specially in Baghdad, at a specific level," he continued.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran views security of Iraq as a Muslim and neighboring country, as its own security and believes that a safe, integrated and united Iraq can serve as a significant factor in regional stability and security," the minister added.

Also noting Iran's efforts to reinvigorate peace, stability and security in Iraq, he viewed withdrawal of occupiers and a stop of their supports for terrorist groups as the only way to restore calm and stability in Iraq.

"Welfare, security, progress and development of Iraq will materialize only in light of the independent and popular government of that country and cordial relations with the neighboring states," Najjar reiterated.

He also said that soothing of tensions and establishment of security and tranquility in Iraq and the region worries Washington, reminding that such events would annul the raison detre for the presence of the US troops in Iraq and the region.

The defense minister underscored that consolidation and expansion of relations with the regional, and specially the neighboring, countries sets Iran's strategic and irrevocable policy, and added, "In the same line, we will not allow the US and Israel to bring Iran's relations with regional countries into tension."

Najjar also said that development of defense and security ties with regional states underpins Iran's defense diplomacy, and concluded, "Today we have very desirable defense and security relations with a majority of the world countries and we are striving to further develop these ties."

Bagelblogger: I think the transparent motives behind these claims of the Iranian Defense minister belies the real intentions of Iran. Iran will and is supporting the insurgency in Iraq towards its own needs.

The thought that Iran is directly suppling IED explosive devices which are causing high rates of mortality amongst US soldiers needs to be addressed.

It might be the last thing the American public wants, but it it needs to be the primary objective of the US government. The Iranians have a history of terrorism, and terrorist support.

Iran is doing everything it can to keep the US embroiled in Iraq, this helps Iran continue with its Nuclear ambitions knowing the US dare not open up the Iranian front in the effort against Terrorism.