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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Now you see it
Now you don't.

Seems the out of touch supporters in Windsor, Canada who sponsored a billboard showing support for Hezbollah's Nasrallah have had their 'hero' removed. Quite incredible that a group could be so out of step with the community to even think this kind of advertising would be acceptable.

Seems that the heroic visual of the Hezbollahian version of Mr Hanky has been replaced with a car ad. Never thought I'd like seeing a car ad so much.

Check out Meryl Yourish for more:
Supporting terrorism, one billboard at a time
Pro -Terrorist Billboard removed in Ontario


Lemon said...

I think the women need to tie their head scarfs on tighter.'
Brain leakage is a horrible thing!

DavidA said...

Thats Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Just thought you'd like to post a correction.

Mr Bagel said...

Lemon: lol; no comment

DavidA: Thanks David, yes I should have picked it up, it was quite clear in the articles I read. Now corrected. thanks!

Mr Bagel

Steve Rosenbach said...

Great post, Mr. B!

I read about this while we were visiting my Machetunim in Ottawa last week. Even the Ottawa Citizen, normally multi-culti-apologist, was outraged. There was no photo, so I really appreciate the one you posted.

Thanks for visiting my photo blog recently - would you believe, somehow I lost access to my orig Google account, so that blog is frozen. I have a new one at http://2ndExposure.blogspot.com - please come visit.

best regards