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Friday, 17 August 2007

The 14th edition of JPix is Up!

The 14th edition of JPix!

This stunning photo is from Muse at Me~ander...

Rafi G from Life in Israel has been gracious enough to do this Fortnights JPix.

JPix is looking for people willing to host the upcoming editions. It runs every fortnight and usually is posted on a Wednesday/Thursday, but due to Rafi being away it was agreed to extend this edition to Friday.

Don't foget your best chance of getting into JPix is submit your posts, it's simply too time consuming to expect every hoster to search hundreds of blogs to find photos, so if you missed out recently, get upset with.. yourself.

Now that people know they have to submit to have a good chance to be in JPix the work load is a lot easier.

For those that are willing to give hosting JPix a go, (thanks Rafi G for your offer to host JPix 14 this time) I would still encourage you to go scouting for 'new talent' but in essence, the regulars have been whipped into shape and most of the work is basically already done.

Now knowing this, who is going to host next fortnights JPix15? If you miss out, JPix 16 and Jpix 17 are still available as well. Leave a comment or email Mr Bagel to let me know.

Any way enough of the official stuff, now for the fun jump over to Life in Israel and check out Rafi G's 14th edition of JPix!