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Monday, 13 August 2007

Lies , Lies, and more lies:
The making of another 'Martyr Myth'

The release of the footage of the Old City Shootings should have put an end to the Lies and fabrications that Palestinian trouble makers were trying to generate from unsubstantiated rumors about the cause of the shootings.

The attacker's family had claimed that he was shot by the security guard's partner with out cause.

Another even more sinister version that he had visited the old city for Friday prayers on the Temple Mount and was killed because he had left his identity card at home.

At his funeral Sheikh Raed Salah the leader of the Islamic Movement's northern branch stated:

"Those who murdered Ahmed Khatib are criminals, terrorists and cowards" he said. He also promised that those responsible will be cursed by Ahmed's blood.
Even after the release of the footage that shows Ahmed Khatib was the attacker and instigator, Ahmed's father Mahmoud said the closed circuit footage was a fabrication, he also claimed the security guards were at fault and that the blame lay with the Israeli Government.

Bagelblogger: The astonishment one should feel in hearing Palestinian claims the tapes are 'fabrications' isn't there, this hatred festered by the Palestinian Authority towards Jews goes beyond anything logical.

The real question is why aren't authority figures responsible for this hatred arrested? Why isn't Sheikh Raed Salah being charged with the crime of incitement to violence?

His comments were untruthful, inflammatory and without any basis in fact, they were simply designed to incite the racial anger Palestinian Arabs have towards Jews, even if this anger is based on lies.

What if there had not been this footage? Would we now be looking at the start of another wave of Terrorism justified by so called Palestinian 'Facts' screamed by a war mongering Sheikh?