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Monday, 14 May 2007

Secret Deadly Yellow Ballon Spy devices invade Lebanon

When I read this story I had such a chuckle.

We've all heard about the depleted Uranium Death Bombs, the Laser Death Rays and the Biological white poison dust 'bombs' Israel has been accused of.

All these are variants of the thousands year old 'poisoned wells' and the we use baby blood for Passover genre. Well there's another loonies conspiracy theory you might want to add.

Add whats great about this one is it isn't a Passover one, Rather ho hum, so unoriginal now days, its a Lag B'aOmer one.

Welcome to the Deadly Yellow Ballons Spy Device Video



Hezbollah ‘Captures’ Chabad Balloons!

42 sec Video



Hezbollah Gratified by Conquest - of Lag Baomer Balloons
Balloons released by kids participating the lag Baomer parade organized by the Chabad House of Kiryat Shmona, landed on Hezbollah grounds in the nearby Lebanon. The balloons inscribed with the words, "We Want Moshiach Now", were given to children participating the parade organized by the shliach, Rabbi Yigal Tzippori.

The Arab television station ‘El Manar’ showed Hezbollah guerrillas proudly displaying their captured ‘loot’ which the station was reporting to be sophisticated Israeli recon equipment. The report was later pulled when they finally figured out what was actually written on the balloons!
According to a commenter on MentalBlog he noted:
I haven't seen any 'net news reports, but on Israeli TV there was a brief mention of a cluster of yellow Moshiach balloons holding a sign, where the whole thing drifted off into south Lebanon. The Hezbollah insisted that it was part of an Israeli spy-attack plan, but the rest of us are having a good laugh. Curiously, both Hezbollah and Mashichistim claim the same yellow color...
All this adds up to is theres thousands of 'Henny Pennys' running around Lebanon screaming the sky is falling in every time a Balloon or piece of lunch wrap floats over the border.

Well I have a dark and sinister plan, we should take advantage of these 'Yellow death balloons', we should start sending different colored balloons with descriptions of what they might be attached to them. Then every so often when the prevailing wind is right we release a few thousand balloons, send the civilian population into panic, send the top brass of the Hezbollah into scratch their heads mode and we get to have a good chuckle.

To all those Anti Semites who just said, 'thats terrible why would you want to upset a civilian population?' I'd like to ask you exactly what have you done about the Israeli population that has been undergoing a continuing rocket barrage for the last 6 months?

Any way here's my list of proposed Top secret Spy Balloons

  • The Deadly Yellow Spy Drone Balloons

  • The Ultra Sonic Death Ray Heat seeking Red balloons

  • The Xray Powered Neutron Green Balloons

  • and Finally the mother of all Balloons the:
  • 'its a False alert Pink Party Balloon with free invitation for Hamburger meals at the local Hezbollah party headquarters'. (Hezzbonald's)

Hattip Aussie Echo