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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Have you checked out Mr Bagel Video?

Mr Bagel video is a new section of Mr Bagel, you can access it through the menu up the top, or if you prefer through: http://mrbagelvideo.blogspot.com/

Although most of the videos on Mr Bagel Video are contemporary videos, there is a special collection of Jewish Historical Videos, which are listed on the Historical Jewish Video widget located at Mr Bagel Video.

I've just finished adding 15 historical videos to the Mr Bagel Video Archive, make sure you check them out.

Mr Bagel


David Linn said...

Wow, that Bialystok video was eye opening. My father's father a'h was from Bialystok and I always pictured it as a small dusty shtetl. It seems to have been a fairly bustling city.

Mr Bagel said...

David: Yes its one of my favorites along with the Lemburg video [Lwow : 1939]

The 1939 series are quite exceptiona

Regards Mr Bagel [Aaron]