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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Idf Babes vs. Hezbollah Babes

This post is no doubt in some ways politically incorrect,
but the comparison is just too funny!

If you havent been over to check out the
IDF babes v's Hezbollah Babes
then I suggest you do.

The blog is by Ari from Ari's Blog


Canadian Salmon said...

Hello MR. Bagel. Hope all is well. How do you like the 1933 videos of Jews In Hungary? What a great find eh? Did you pass by my blog and see it or did you find it on your own? Its amazing footage.

Evan said...

THose are some fantastic photos. And for me, they're the girls next door.. heh heh heh.

Ari Kinsberg said...

thanks for the link

Mr Bagel said...

Canadian Salmon; Its a great vid, I uploaded 15 videos featuring Jewish Life/Cities pre WWII, I recommend seeing the 1939 Life Series they are very interesting from a historical point of view.

Evan; Yes I suspect It might be easier rather than 'lock up your daughters' to simply Lock up 'Evan', (lol)

Ari: You did a great job let me know if you do another similar series.

regards Mr Bagel