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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

I'm gonna get meself a Doktorate digree

I've just received the most amazing news. A friendly fellow has just emailed me and assured me that I can do the University degree I've always wanted. To be frank I wish this chap had emailed me earlier, it would have saved me a whole lot of time!

Any way Guaranteed acceptance! I sure do feel lucky. You know with not much work, and a few exchanges of mm fees, I'll have a PhD in no time.

Hey maybe I'll even get to have his job one day, and work on my spelling in my spare time...


Greetings Bagelblogger.
Honeslty are no demnaded tests, classes, books, or interviews !

Be given a_Bcahelors, Masters., MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma.

Hvae the rewards and honor_that comes with a.dipolma !

Nveer anyone is not approved

Confidentilaity made

Start Tonight +1 (270) 818-7244
7 days a week


Waiting for that return paid envelope any day now!

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