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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Though I walk through the valley of Self Haters and Tin Foil hat wearers I fear no evil.

watched as one brave individual, UOJ took on what was seriously wrong with the Orthodox world.

Aspersions were cast upon his motives and character.

Quite virulent threats were made.

I did nothing.

Hate not Love

I watched as parts of the Jewish blog world attacked and made outrageous claims about Gays and Lesbians, and their right to having a parade in Jerusalem.

Messages of intolerance and hatred were preached, Groups threatened bombings, murder, rewards for crimes of hate.

I did nothing.

Dovbear gets mauled

I watched as a formerly respected blogger called Dovbear was cast into a fiery pit for not attributing parts of his post to sources, 11 times if I am not mistaken. For a prolific poster like DovBear partly understandable.

Mistakes most of us have in some way have made, sometime when blogging.

'Crimes against humanity were commited',
Taken to task by the blogger Dovweasel

Dovweasel who lacks the courage to identify themselve(s) within the Jewish community.

Casting aspersions upon people whilst not revealing that they obviously used plagiarism software to scan his blog. To Claim they managed to find the vast majority of his 'sins' in 2 hours manually is simply a blatant lie.

I did nothing.

JBlog Central Departing; all aboard

I watch as Jbloggers seized on another target, the Israel Forum, they criticized, complained, kvetched and screamed boycott.

Even though criticisms had been responded to, and many Improvements were/are being made. Israel Forum's motive is questioned. A seeming lack of advertising becomes a reason for a paranoid conspiracy threat. They must be up to something no good. No one does anything for nothing now a days.

I did nothing.

Why, because I didn't want to rock the boat, because I wanted to maintain a chance at winning a blog award.

I've sold out.

Everything tells me that UOJ did the right thing.

Every thing screams that the vile attack on Gays and Lesbians was wrong.

Everything tells me the attack on DovBear was unwarranted in its degree of vengeance.

Everything tells me that despite a few hiccups, David at Israel Forums is trying to make the process run smoother.

Instead of a huge thanks he gets aspersions cast upon his intentions.


Many of the Critics are my friends.

In fact one of the leaders of the boycott I greatly respect.

In Fact come to think of it DovWeasel's writing seems so familiar?

How do I reconcile what is going outside with what is going on inside?

Do Nothing?

Or Stand up?

I'm standing up.


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Barbara said...

I've been following UOJ for a long time now... and as an Anti-Interpersonal Abuse Advocate now I give him a LOT of credit. He wins the CHUTZPAH award.

You shall not hate your brother in your heart; you shall surely rebuke your friend, and you shall not bear sin upon him (Vayikra 19:17).

Always amazes me how abusive people of all stripe try to cover up their actions or sweep it away.

I pray some of the victims of those exposed by UOJ find some peace. The PTSD can last forever. The shame and guilt they carry doesn't belong to them.

UOJ is doing those predators a favor and they don't know it. By rebuking them he's giving them a chance to get right with Hashem, their victims and themselves.

Thanks for standing up Mr. Bagel.

Oh, and I'll have mine with Cream Cheese & Chives please... ;)

Aussie Dave said...

Good on for you standing up. Just not sure why you chose not to stand up when Aussie Dave who started the JIBs with the best of intentions was vehemently criticized, mocked, and accused of corruption and impropriety.

Mr Bagel said...

Thanks Barbarra

Aussie Dave: Hi Dave, this is a repost of an article I found through google searching I ended up deleting my previous blog when I recieved a particularly virulent series of hate comments.

As you didn't know this, I can understand where your coming from.

Unfortunately most people also didn't realise that I have never actually seen a JIB awards run, I've only been blogging just under a year.

As I have never seen a JIB's before or had the pleasure of participating in one, I of course could hardly of come to your defense when you were being attacked.

Which is probably why I might not of known about a certain designer doing a certain design.

Any way I see you weren't to shy in assumning I knew about 'the designer', as you haven't been to shy in asking why I didn't defend you.

To be honest Dave, I dont always act as fast as I should, but in the context, if I had been around and thought you were an innocent party, simply tryng to make a difference then yes I hope I would have come to your defense.

I certainly would hope I would not leap to any conclusion and imply you had done something wrong not knowing the full facts.

Dave, as I feel you will fully understand, the chances of me doing any 'volunteer' work for the JIB's, or like organisations in the blogging world is seriously doubtful

I'll help my friends, maybe even the not so friendly on an individual basis. But helping out with something such as the JIB's fat chance. Never again.[I'm not big noting myself,its how I feel now, I expect you might feel similarly]

Why would you spend hundreds of hours, only so people who never contribute but only criticize can do exactly that, criticize.

I'm sorry Dave, you can count on my support if I feel you've been wronged in the future, but as for the past before my time, well the answer there is obvious.

Shalom Aaron

Barbara said...

Aussie Dave - until the last year or so I wasnt even aware of the JIB awards let alone the drama.

I have been blogging for about 4 years now and just in the last year my therapist encouraged me to start joining some blog aggregators and spending more time on my personal blog rather than my Domestic Violence Information blog In fact, she found JBlogs for me!! I am really not a shameless self promoter (even though I did nominate myself this year... hey what the heck)

I sorry for what you went through Aussie Dave. Unfortunately, a lot of people of all stripe feel very powerful behind a keyboard and will mock, ridicule, defame and malign others. Its a big net, IMHO and there's room for everyone - if we could just be cordial to each other. (color me Pollyanna?)

I have been attacked by abusers who are mad that I give information to their wife or boyfriend about emotional abuse, I have been attacked by people I thought were my friends - mostly those who are pathologically competitive, I have been attacked for my coversion (you know I will NEVER be a REAL Jew in many peoples eyes) and I have been attacked for just existing. I was a consultant on a board for abused women and when I tried to step in to an online fight and say "can we just take our toys to our own corners and stop?" because I was worried how the fighting was triggering the women there... guess what happened? My children were threatened, I got threatening messages in the mail and email and swore out a Federal C&D - something I did not want to do but HAD to.

So AussieDave if I had known I would just hold your head up and do what you know is best & right and speak your truth.