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Saturday, 23 December 2006

Ho, Ho, Hotttttttttttt!

[Sorry I know xmas themes are a drag, but, this was too funny not to at least mention.]

IT may be winter in Europe, but Swedish Santas are feeling the heat after a batch of synthetic beards were found to be flamable.

"Ho ho!'' soon became "Oh no" for Santa Claus impersonators after Sweden's national testing institute found a certain model of beard on sale turned into a raging inferno when coming into contact with a naked flame.
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"We placed the beards on a peg in a laboratory. We placed a small flame underneath for two seconds to simulate a situation where Father Christmas gets too near to a candle or match,'' fire expert Per Thureson said.

One of the firms selling the dangerous beards called on customers to return their furry appendages while another told worried Santas they could return them if they wished.

"Taken into account that numerous Father Christmases are not completely sober at Christmas, there is a risk they may hurt themselves,'' the statement added.

BB: Sounds like a really tacky liquor; A flaming Santa

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