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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest week 9

Week 9 Of Bodgey Bagel's Incredible Caption Contest!
For Entry into Bodgey Bagel's Caption Contest Week 9
Leave your Caption for the Photo in the comments.

All entries must be in before Wednesday 27th December

...Would Love to see OJ's Bronco Chase scene with these guys!

Caption away! Leave your entries in the comments section before Wednesday 27th December.
May the best caption win!

The Winner of Last weeks Contest No 8:(20th Dec)

[Click

The Eigth 'almost famous' Bodgey Bagel Weekly Photo Caption contest.

The 8th Bodgey Bagel Caption Contest winner is.....Drum Roll

1st Place: So who's the ungly duckling now? [ LittleBirdies ]
2nd Place: and stay on that side of the wall you colored folk! [ Rafi G ]
3rd Place: Birds n The Hood(or more correctly --Boids n The Hood) [ Rodney Dill ]
4th Place: Excuse me, you're not from this neighborhood are you? [ elliot ]
5th Place: Hey, who you callin' a jive turkey? [ elliot ]
Honorable Mentions:
HM: Come back fellas, I can throw another shrimp on the barbie. [ elliot ]

Bagel's Dishonourable Mention: Come on you guys give me a wing up[BB]

To those that won victory is yours, to the others there's always next contest! Bagelblogger

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With Thanks to all those that entered - Bagelblogger.

Give Mr Bagel a High 5 :Bagelblogger Appreciates your Vote!!
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