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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Has your Chanukah been a little dull? Need to brighten things up quickly?

Looking to brighten Up your Chanukah? These little candles are the Bomb!

Sometimes you wonder how such a bad idea ever hit the market.

It seems some bright spark has decided to combine flamable plastic and Chanukah Oil Candles together in one ready to roar fuel/fire mixture.

If you feel your Chanukah hasn't been quite upto to scratch, it's been a bit quiet and you're in desperate need of a few dramas then these oil candles are throughly recommended.

The problem seems to be the 'Ready to Use' Chanukah Oil Candles are erroneously assumed to be jelled extra virgin olive oil encased in 44 glass cases.
In reality the cases are made of flamable plastic. After a few minutes of use, they begin to melt, liquifying into a raging ball of fire guaranteed to light up, not just your window, but probably your neighbours windows too.

A Brooklyn resident reported his entire menorah was damaged, and considerable further damage was narrowly avoided. To think people may light these firebombs and then go off thinking they are safe!

Baruch Hashem no one was hurt, some one needs to withdraw these from the market before a disaster strikes!

Thanks to This Is Babylon, and for further info check out:
CONSUMER ALERT: Ready-to-Use Chanukah Candles Are Fire Hazard

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