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Friday, 10 November 2006

The Fate of a family living in Munich before the start of WWII

On October 27 1938, Hitler struck against the Jews and expelled from Germany 18000 Jews who, although living in Germany since 1918, had been born in the former Polish provinces of the Russian Empire. Jacob, Friedl and his parents were despatched by train to Lvov. By the time the train arrived in Lvov the Poles had worked out an agreement with the Germans and this train returned to Germany. Oskar somehow managed to avoid being rounded up that day but his younger brother, Salo was not so fortunate. He was sent to Zbaszyn (pronounced Sponssin) where the Jews were held in appalling conditions.

I came across this exceptionally well produced web site, researching Kristallnacht and the opening of the new Munich Synagogue. It is an extremely well documented exploration of the destiny and fate of the members of one family.


Above Right: The synagogue in Reichenbachstrabe, Munich after Kristallnacht.

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