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Friday, 20 October 2006

Today is Qods Day. A day when all Muslims are instructed to pretend that Jerusalem is so much more than it ever was to them.

How much more is well elucidated by Elder of Ziyon Here and Here .

Now never let me be accused of suspecting acts of Insincerity from the enemies of Israel, because I truly believe it is actually the opposite. Israel's enemies are more known for their Acting of Sincerity.

As Homer once wrote 'Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.' [ref]

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Apparently Iran's "Religous Webblogs Office" wants all blogs to commemorate this day.

Special request to Muslim Bloggers from ISNA

Each weblog is a cry against the Zionist regime on Qods day

ISNA - Tehran
Service: View to Weblogs

TEHRAN, Oct.18 (ISNA)-Iran's religious weblogs development office has invited all webloggers to take part in the Qods day rally.

"The webloggers have always shown their conscience and awareness in the matters of Palestine in the virtual world, so it is also their duty to take part with their country men along with other Muslims all over the world in the rally on Qods day," declared the statement by the religious Weblogs office.

"Each Weblog is a cry against the oppressive and tyrannical Zionist regime," concluded the statement.

Which is quite a paradox. In the one hand you have the Mullahs doing everything they can to stifle 'on line' opinion and dissent, then the very same Mullahs are now recognising the power of numbers in the blogging community.

I've blogged about this before, CyberJihad.
In essence in 2000 Israel had 1,270,00 million Internet connections,
Iran:250,000 about 5:1

In 2005 Israel had Internet 3,200,000 connections and Iran had Internet connections 7,500,000 about 3:7 which is a phenomal turn around.

It seems the Mullahs have now realised just how powerful this 'borg' collective can be.

What it really comes down to is there are roughly 14.5 Million Jews [2005: JVL] on this planet, and there are 1.8 billion Muslims [2006: Islamicpopulation.com] on this planet screaming the Jews did it!

Even allowing for total saturation of Internet connections for Jewish Households, it doesn't bode well in comparison, we got a good insight into Muslim media manipulation during the Israel - Hezbollah war.

So despite the creation of Qods day, despite the creation of the Jerusalem myth in Muslims hearts, which ties in well with the recent denial of any Jewish History at the Kotel by Muslims. I too celebrate the beauty and essence of what is Jerusalem.

You see, Muslims would cherish any piece of land that 'others' desired, that is the essence of the 'conquest religion', but despite there 1.8 billion adherents there's one thing they underestimate. What it means to be a Jew.

So when we say next year in Jerusalem, let us not forget exactly what and where we are thinking of.

Brothers in Arms

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Elder of Ziyon: Always well written and researched!

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