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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Where's the missing 10 seconds???

Where's the missing 10 seconds???
RE: CCTV recording of Jakarta hotels bombing suspect prior to the explosion (17th July 2009)

Wheres the 10 seconds before the bomb blast? Just before the camera change there is a hotel worker (porter) pulling a trolley towards the restaurant, the security guy behind the pylon notices something with the person he is talking to, he steps out from behind the Pylon to look at the assumed suicide bomber who is heading to the 'lounge' and then the porter is seen turning around walking to the center of the foyer, but in the next camera frame he is shown walking back from the 'center circle of the foyer'. There's at least ten seconds right before the bomb blast which is not shown on the video. Why??? Clumsy editing? Why the camera change right then? Why was the 'Guards' attention standing behind the Pylon, taken by the suicide bomber?

Mr Bagel: Is this clumsy editing? Or is there more to the missing 10 seconds??

Better footage: here
It looks like its actually 1 minute and two seconds gap between the two shots.
Check the time stamp on the videos.

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