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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Another Miracle???

Forget stories of feeding hungry masses with just two pita's it seems the Palestinian Authority has produced an even better miracle.

Just when we've finished hearing about how bad it is with food shortages;
"Gaza residents report severe shortage of basic goods" July 3rd 2009

with Palestinians complaining of not having enough grain and dairy products its amazing that less than two weeks after this article ran on July 3rd, 2009, they're able to set what looks like a new world record for kunafa.

"Palestinians aim for massive pastry record, with 1,765 kilos kunafa"

Yes they've manage to produce the world's largest pastry Kunafa, yes folks all 1,765 kilos of kunafa - a mix of vermicelli, syrup and cheese - it weighed 1,765 kilos (3,891 lbs) and was 74 meters (243 feet) long.

Now I'm sure some smarty might point out that the Kunafa was in Judea and Samaria (incorrectly known as the West bank), and the greater food shortage is located in Gaza, but its poignant to see again just how effective the Palestinian's portray their suffering.

It is with a certain irony that the ynet article quotes a Palestinian complaining:

"Since the siege we pay much more and get a much lower quality. Both in fuel and in all other products the quality is poor."

The quality of goods aren't as good apparently, now there not coming from Israel but rather through the porous network of tunnels from Egypt.

Quality Goods from those Zionist conspirators? Impossible!

Mr Bagel:
Photo credit: AP